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Jewel Thief is a 3d platformer collectathon, and it is recommended that you have some experience with 3d platformers before playing this game.

It relies quite a bit on wallrunning which is its core mechanic,  and is built primarily for speedrunning.

I would love to hear all of your best times posted below. I have uploaded a tutorial video on my Youtube channel Draco Blitz  www.youtube.com/user/kidgoku1984 for those who have problems learning the control scheme.

Since this is the first game I choose to publish online, I will not be charging any money for the game and make it completely free.

Rakshi Games - Small Trees
Immortal Factory - Big Trees
JusTwo - Fences
Pexels.com - Textures
IL.Ranch - Benches

I would like to thank all the aforementioned people/companies/websites for their assistance with their work which they have kept free and accessible.


Jewel Thief Executable.rar 67 MB

Development log